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Marma Therapy

Marma Therapy is an Ayurvedic, holistic body treatment using specific essential marmaoils. It does not involve any pressure on the marmas, just very gentle touch. Marma Therapy brings inner tranquility, primarily on the level of consciousness, and then on the body and its organs.

Marmas are vital junction points; energy fields on the body where stress tends to accumulate. They are connected through a complex system of innumerable Nadis, subtle sound channels, and together they govern all bodily functions. The silent, subtle touch, sometimes even attention alone, used during Marma Therapy opens the marmas and automatically clears them to allow energy from deep inside to flow more freely, blockages to be removed and balance to be restored.

The way of touch is the secret behind the effect of this Ayurvedic treatment which creates specific, immediate and extraordinary re-balancing effects and gives the ability to re-normalise the functions of physiology.


Marma Therapy can be used to:

• Detoxify and purify;
• Strengthen and revitalise the body;
• Promote rejuvenation and relaxation;
• Release blocked energy;
• Repair stress memory;
• Stimulate the function of internal organs;
• Promote self-healing;
• Harmonise the mind and body.

Marma Therapy can also help ease various conditions like headaches; tired and strained ‘computer eyes’; tinnitus; sinusitis; neck, shoulder, arm, back, hip, groin and knee pain; restless leg syndrome; cramps; abdominal and menstrual pain; menopause symptoms; inner tension; anxiety; sleep disorders; asthma; stress; and emotional difficulties. It is even beneficial to those who do not have health issues at all.


If you’re keen to experience Marma Therapy for yourself, we are currently offering the following Marma Therapy treatment options with our specialist, Imola:


Marma Full-Body Treatment:
Includes head

75 minutes – £80



Marma Back Treatment:
Includes relaxing Ayurvedic back massage

50 minutes – £55



Marma Face, Head & Neck Treatment:
Includes Ayurvedic face, head and neck massage

50 minutes – £55



Marma Hand & Foot Treatment:
Includes Ayurvedic hand and foot massage

50 minutes – £55



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