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Sciatica Care Plan

Sciatica and sciatica-like pain is caused by the entrapment or irritation to the sciatic nerve and is often triggered by a combination of factors including lifestyle. Our Sciatica Care Plan, based on Ayurvedic principles, is a holistic approach to address the primary contributing factors such as digestive track malfunction, and problems with waste elimination and nutrition absorption.

Our customised treatment plan for sciatica is supplemented by age-old Ayurvedic therapies of internal and external oleation, and hot herbal poultice massage to address deep-seated pain, reduce inflammation and assist in healing. In order for maximum benefit to be achieved, treatment sessions will take place on two separate days.


Your Personal Sciatica Care Plan will include:



A 60-minute Consultation with one of our trained Ayurvedic Practitioners to review and analyse your condition, including lifestyle and diet.

You will benefit from specific dietary advice and herbal supplements to detox and strengthen digestive power.


Massage Therapy

Based on outcomes of your Consultation, a unique care plan will be devised consisting of appropriate physical therapies. These will include internal and external oleation therapies to nourish the tissues, strengthen them, reduce inflammation and regenerate. Pindasveda, a hot herbal poultice massage, will address the deep-seated pain, relieve the tension in your muscles and improve your circulation to allow the nutrients to reach the affected areas. This Ayurvedic massage will also facilitate the removal of waste, which is so crucial in order for the body to heal from the stress of sciatica.


Lifestyle Advice

We will recommend specific exercises for stretching and relaxation.


Your Sciatica Care Plan Details:


Day 1

Your Care Plan will begin with a comprehensive Consultation and lifestyle and diet recommendations. This will be followed by a warm oil massage and herbal hot poultice massage therapy (Pindasveda). This first day of your treatment sessions will enable the detoxification and healing to begin, which will be further supported by the lifestyle and dietary changes recommended during your Consultation.


Day 2

We recommend that Day 2 of your treatment sessions takes place at least three days after Day 1. This second day involves additional warm oil therapies and hot herbal poultice massage.

(Each day’s sessions will be approximately two hours in duration)


Sciatica Care Plan Cost – £190

Additional top-up treatments will be available depending on individual conditions.


For more information please contact Kristina Itraj by emailing kristina@ayurveda-retreat.co.uk or by calling 07795 572243. Alternatively, leave a message with our reception team on 0118 958 8190 and Kristina will come back to you.


(Unfortunately, The Sciatica Care Plan cannot currently be booked online)

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