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ShirodharaShirodhara Oil Flow

A relaxing massage of the head and neck precedes a warm stream of oil being carefully poured onto the forehead in a rhythmic manner

Benefits: evokes calmness and serenity; promotes sound sleep

Ideal for: stress and anxiety reduction; escapism

Cost: £80 (50 mins)




UdvartanaUdvartana Powder Massage

A therapeutic oil massage is followed by a fragrant blend of powdered herbs being vigorously worked into the body to cleanse and exfoliate

Benefits: increases skin firmness, condition and tone; nourishes; extracts stagnant lymphatic toxins; removes excess subcutaneous fat

Ideal for: post child birth; post weight loss

Cost: £70 (60 mins); £100 (90 mins)




PindasvedaPindasveda Poultice Massage

A soothing massage is performed by gently pressing linen bags filled with herbal powder over localised areas of the body

Benefits: soothes muscular aches and pains; reduces localised swelling and stiffness

Ideal for: aches and pains

Cost: £60 (45 mins)




MukhabhyangaMukhAbhyanga Face Massage

A thorough, systematic massage of the face

Benefits: releases deep-seated tension; relaxes facial muscles; increases moisture retention

Ideal for: dull, tired-looking skin; ageing skin

Cost: £45 (45 mins)




PadAbhyangaPadAbhyanga Foot Massage

A traditional Ayurvedic massage of the feet to awaken vital energy areas in the soles, feet, calves and shins

Benefits: encourages relaxation and restores balance

Ideal for: deeply-felt tension

Cost: £30 (30 mins)



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